Our green efforts started with the implementation of ISO14001 in 2010, where we began efforts in advocating for the environment. On top of using recycled materials, we have also lowered consumption of energy and materials. We place emphasis on carefully crafted design, use of quality materials and product durability. Designed for repeated use, repair and maintenance, lasting products are made, which translates to waste reduction.

Benel - ISO14001


Since March 2013, we have acquired GREENGUARD certification. The Greenguard Environmental Institute certifies products and materials with low chemical emissions to help consumers choose the healthiest options for indoor spaces. Products which have been certifies by GREENGUARD have undergone independent and rigorous testing. GREENGUARD certification is widely recognized and accepted by sustainable building programs and codes worldwide. With GREENGUARD certification, you can be assured that all our products are safe for use indoors. We expect no less in both safety and environmental-friendliness from our products.