The sleek W-Mesh chair is ergonomically designed to complement the contours of the human body, fitting different body types and shapes while providing comfort and adequate support to the lumbar. Decked out in black, the W Mesh chair is chic and classy. It is the chair that offers best value-for-money in an office setting.

The W-Mesh is compact in size and is an ideal chair that will fit most workspaces.

Lock your chair in an upright position for back support. Designed for simultaneous adjustments to suit the precise angles and body type of user, posture correction is immediate and effective. Adaptable functions encourages user to adopt the most comfortable setting.

An option is provided to upgrade the fixed armrests to adjustable armrests for more comfort to fit individual arm length and height.

Individualised adjustable settings for controlling tension, tension control helps users function better through its shock absorption properties and enhanced support features for prolonged use and sustained seating. Adjust the amount of back resistance according to your weight and preference. 

Sturdy non-reflective muted nylon base design serves as a stabilising structure. Highly suitable for task-oriented users seeking greater manoeuvrability and flexibility within work space.