Enjoy the sensuality of space with a chair of minimal pretensions, maximum charm. The silhouette is graceful, making it an ideal complement for a variety of decor styles. Simple lines conceal the lumbar support you need for all-day comfort, so you get the best of both worlds: sleek design and a restful seat.


Adjust the height of the headrest to provide head and neck support while you are in a reclined position.

Lock your chair in an upright or reclined position.

The sides of the backrest conceal the lumbar support control, so you get comfort without compromising on style. Move the lumbar control lever to tighten or loosen the elastic mesh at the desired area for just the right intensity.

Individualised adjustable settings for controlling tension, tension control helps users function better through its shock absorption properties and enhanced support features for prolonged use and sustained seating. Adjust the amount of back resistance according to your weight and preference.

Designed to provide superior comfort to fit individual arm length and height. Positions arms and shoulders at comfortable and relaxed angle to prevent unwanted tiredness and unnatural postures. Armrests can be adjusted in three directions to support your arms and take weight off your shoulders.

Designed to provide better depth for legs and support for user when seated. Aligns knees and thighs so that they can be parallel to the floor and emphasises better support and posture of hips and lower back. Adjust depth of seat to accommodate different upper leg length, distributing weight evenly across the seat.